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Studio Equipment
1 CircuitWerkes SEN-6 Subaudible Tone Encoder with 19" x 1.75" rack mount.  Generates 25, 35, and 25/35 Hz tones.  It can also generate 50 and 75 Hz tones.  It was $478 when new in 2009 and is in excellent condition. KKCQ  $210.00 each.
1 Scala CA5-FM/HRM Yagi antenna, cut to the low end of the FM broadcast band.  Up to 250 watts with a 50 ohm N connector.  Comes with rear-mount hardware.  Used.  $100.00 each.
Microphones and Accessories
1 Altec Lansing 1578A Transistor Preamplifier.  Input impedance 150 ohms (useable 30 ohms to 20K ohms).  Output 600 ohms.  33.5 dB gain, +8 dBm maximum output.  Runs on 12 VDC, 13 m.a.  Typically used as a microphone preamplifier.  Tested and in good condition .  $25.00.  
1 Aiwa DM-51 Dynamic Microphone.  10K ohm with cable and 1/4" plug.  Has a clip to mount it to a microphone stand.  Near mint condition in original Aiwa box.  $20.00.  

Electro Voice 635A omni-directional microphones.  We have five of them in working condition. $30.00 each.


Electro Voice 664 cardioid microphone.  Silver colored and has a desk stand and 10 feet of cable with an XLR-3 connector.  $75.00.


Luxo Microphone Arm with tabletop mount.  Gray color and in very good condition with all springs and very little wear.  $25.00.


Samson S Phantom 2-channel 48-volt phantom power supply for microphones.  Has XLR-3 input and output connectors.  Bench tested and found to be in good working condition.  Comes with power supply.  $35.00.



Phono Turntables and Accessories

Philmore/Datak LKG Industries PRE600 Stereo Phono Preamplifier.  Chinese made.  Bench tested and in good working condition.  $20.00.

1 Stanton 310 Stereo Phono Preamplifier.  Bench tested and in good working condition..  $150.00.
Reel to Reel and Accessories
3 Opamp Labs 365P Tape Head Preamplifier Equalizer.  good.  $15.00 each.
1 Otari MR2F014 Drive motor.  Used, but in good condition.  $30.00 each.
1 Otari TF11010 Power transformer for an Otari ARS-1000DC reel to reel machine.  New unused.  $40.00 each.
2 Revox 54.02.0318 Remote Plug for a B-77 and similar reel to reel machines.  This is a 9-pin plug.  It can be used with a Revox A-77, which normally requires a 10 pin plug.  The difference is the tenth pin is used for a remote control of a fast forward button.   If you want to use this plug on a Revox A-77, pins 1 and 2 need to be shorted together to allow the machine to run normally.  We will do that at no charge if you ask for it.  Used, but in good condition.  $20.00 each.
2 Revox 45001 NAB Hub Adapter.  Used, but in good condition.  $40.00 each.
1 Revox B-77 Headnest Cover.  Used, but in good condition.  $40.00 each.

120 Volt Power

  See Power Conditioning Page

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