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Line Conditioners

1 ONEAC CL11007 Line Conditioner.  120 VAC/60 Hz/.69 ampere input with 120 VAC/.625 ampere (75 watts) maximum output  Often used to reduce voltage spikes on 120 VAC power for sensitive equipment.  Has 120 VAC grounded power cord on one end and a 120 VAC grounded outlet on the other end.  Good working condition $25.00.   (also in power supplies)
1 Sola Electric 23-22-125 OC Constant Voltage Transformer.  Harmonic neutralized type CVS transformer.  95 - 130 or 190 - 250 VAC/60 Hz primary.  118 VAC/250 VA secondary.  Good working condition. $90.00.  (also in power supplies)

RF Filters

1 Cornell-Dubilier Quietone IF-54 line conditioner used to stop RF while allowing normal power through.  110 - 220V AC-DC at 2 amperes.  2" x 2" x 1-3/16".  New in the original box.  $20.00 each  (also in capacitors)
15 Sprague model 48P16 Hypass 0.5 mfd/600 VDC/20 ampere feed-through capacitor.  1" diameter by 2-3/4" long.  Has an 8-32 machine screw with lock washer at each end for connections.    Good working condition $5.00 each.  Photo
23 RF Interonics RF1710K low-pass filter.  60 dB loss at 200 KHz and 80 dB loss at 600 KHz and above.  Additional references are 13619, M15733/02-0004.  15 amp/125 VAC 0-400 CPS with 400 VDC maximum.  5-1/2" long and mounts in a 3/4" diameter hole.  Has 8-32 nuts and lock washers at each end for connections.   Good working condition. $20.00 each.  Photo

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