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From Mark W. Persons
Hall of Shame photos taken from examples found here and there


From an IT (Information Technology) area. 
It looks like the site started out with a good plan with wire routing clamps, punch blocks, and RJ-45 connector blocks. 
The rest is a rat's-nest of unidentified wires and cables. 
Warning!  Don't let your work appear on this web page.
  This is a high traffic area leading from the reception area at a radio station to the main studio. 
Numerous cables, including a satellite cable, are draped across the floor.  At the very least, this is a trip hazard. 
There seems to be no end to the uses of duct tape nowadays. 
Warning!  Don't let your work appear on this web page. 
Behind that same door, it looked like this.  Warning!  Don't let your work appear on this web page.
Another bad example of computer networking in a radio studio!  Warning!  Don't let your work appear on this web page. 
Yet another bad example of a custom wood equipment rack with wiring gone wrong. 

(from December 3, 2008)

Warning!  Don't let your work appear on this web page. 

This N connector was crimped on the end of a piece of RG-8 cable used in the 950 MHz STL (Studio to transmitter Link) band.  Bad news!  Never use RG-8 cable for 950 MHz because of high loss.  Crimped-on connectors are a reliability problem and can introduce a huge mismatch as was the case with this one.  Better connectors can be found here 

Warning!  Don't let your work appear on this web page. 

Photos from March of 2012 from a radio broadcast engineer in Michigan. 

He just started a new job at a facility that needed a little help. 

I am reminded of Star Trek when Spock is asked why he, a totally logical person, was working with illogical humans. 

He replied, "No where am I more needed than here!"  

Warning!  Don't let your work appear on this web page. 
Gosh, here is a way to tweak satellite dish alignment without the use of tools.
One of the props is a phone book. 
Yet another worthy candidate for the Hall of Shame. 

Duct tape is not a good long-term choice.

Note wiring running across the floor, no finger guards on the fans, improper 120 VAC wiring, etc.

Where is your pride?

According to the person who submitted this, "The shameful act has since been cleaned up."

This is a coaxial cable splice at about 250 feet from an AM transmitter and 25 feet from the tower. 

Corroded by weather, it was only poorly protected by a highway construction site cone.

How sad.

See anything unusual on this two-tower AM antenna system?  Look closer at the furthest tower....the paint scheme is wrong. 
One can only assume it is a used tower where sections were erected in the wrong order.  How could a crew walk away from a job like that? 
The liability is horrendous if it should be hit by an airplane!  The tower fence in the foreground looks like it will need repair soon too.

Thanks to Steve Kohn from San Antonio, Texas, for this Hall of Shame photo.
He likes things done right and this discovery did not match his standards, nor mine. 

This kind of construction may be easy to do, but very difficult to troublshoot or modify.

The stories go on and on.  Stop in again sometime.  I'll leave the soldering iron on for you. 
Mark W. Persons   ham W0MH      

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