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Technical Tips from Mark W. Persons
Backup Power Generator Maintenance List

For generator at _____________________________________________________ site.

Engine Hours at start:___________________ At end of work:___________________

Monthly Maintenance:

Check generator for mice and other environmental problems ______________
Feel the engine block to see if water heater is working __________ (if liquid cooled)

Look for any fluid leaks _______________

Run for 15 minutes under load _________________

Battery Voltage _______________________ Volts

Oil Pressure ___________________________ Lbs

Engine Temperature __________________ Degrees F

Fuel Tank level ________________________ %

Annual Maintenance:

Check/replace carburetor air filter _________________

Check/add engine coolant ________________(if liquid cooled) Quarts _________

Check/add water in battery ________________

Run engine for 10 minutes then replace engine oil and filter ______Quarts _________

3-Year Maintenance:

Replace battery

5-Year Maintenance:

Run engine for 10 minutes, then:

Replace coolant _______________(if liquid cooled) Quarts _____________ 

Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: _______________


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