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Technical Tips from Mark W. Persons

For Harris HT-5 FM Broadcast Transmitter problem

This photo is from the inside of a Harris HT-5 FM Broadcast Transmitter where 240 VAC power comes in.  A loose connection on the power connector block caused wires to burn-off.  Wires have been pulled back from the top center terminal of the block to show the debris left from the incident.  Insulation burned off the overheated wires for about two inches from the block.  The connector will need to be replaced after a temporary repair is made.

This kind of problem is not just seen on Harris transmitters.  It can and does happen to all transmitters where high-current conductors are terminated.  Best to check tightness of these kinds of connections whenever practical.    

The stories go on and on.  Stop in again sometime.  I'll leave the soldering iron on for you. 
Mark W. Persons   Ham WMH

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