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Technical Tips from Mark W. Persons
Nautel ND1 Door Brace

You will recognize this as a Nautel ND1 AM Transmitter.  Although it is no longer in production, it is an excellent and reliable 1000 Watt AM transmitter.       

The modification I like to make is to add a wire brace to the front service door.  This simple change holds the door open while changes are made to the remote control interfacing or whatever needs to be done.  The wire can be a piece of a coat hangar and it works quite well.  Just bend the wire ends into loops as shown. 

On the ND1, there is an existing hole just inside the transmitter that is just right for putting a 6-32 bolt through as the hinge for the wire brace.  Insert the bolt in from the bottom after removing the power module.  Put a lock washer and nut on.  Then put the wire on followed by two nuts that are tightened together with a lock washer in between.  Leave enough room to allow the wire brace to swivel left and right. 

Remove a nut from the front door and put a 6-32 threaded spacer in its place.  A loop in the end of the wire can easily slide on and off this spacer.   

Here are close-up photos of the two ends of the wire.
Stow the wire brace inside the front service bay until it is needed next.  It is easy and simple.

The stories go on and on.  Stop in again sometime.  I'll leave the soldering iron on for you. 
Mark W. Persons   ham W0MH      

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