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  RF Splitter/Stacking Harness

Built by M. W. Persons and Associates, Inc.

Made in Minnesota

he photo shows an RSP-950 RF Splitter/Stacking Harness used to connect one antenna to two 944-952 MHz radio broadcast STL (Studio to Transmitter Link) receivers.  This is a direct equivalent to the Marti MTS-1 Receiver Combiner
It is a three-port 50 ohm impedance matcher that consists of two 75 ohm cables cut to a precise length.  A one-foot ruler above the splitter gives a feel for the size.  The antenna input is in the center and has a 50 ohm N female connector.  Connectors at the receiver ends are normally N-male.  All connectors are made by Amphenol and are standard 50 ohm.  Signal loss from the antenna input to each output port is 3 DB.  Two splitters can be connected to divide a single antenna to three receivers.  Three splitters for four receivers, etc.  The cost is $135.00 for each splitter.  Add shipping. 

This is a 160 MHz Splitter/Stacking Harness for one antenna and two receivers.  These can also be used to feed two Yagi transmit or identical antennas from a single transmitter.  The the center has a 50 ohm N female connector and the ends are N male.  Other connectors can be specified.  The power rating is 1000 watts maximum.  Tell us the frequency or frequencies for your application. 

RSP-160 Splitters are for 150 to 175 MHz are $143.00.  They are about six feet in total length.

RSP-450 Splitters are for 450 to 465 MHz are $139.00.  They are about four feet in total length. 


The antenna input is in the center is normally a 50 ohm N-female connector. 

You can order an N-male connector, as shown in the photo.  The charge is the same.

Note:  The splitters/stacking harnesses CANNOT be used to combine two transmitters because no isolation is offered to keep the transmitters from mixing and creating unwanted spurious radiation.  Likewise, this splitter/stacking harness CANNOT be used to connect a receiver and a transmitter to the same antenna.  If you are looking for a switch to select one of two transmitters to go to a single antenna or to have a transmitter or receiver switched to an antenna, see: AM-RF-Switch  or  FM-RF-Switch.

Questions?  Email Mark Persons:  teki@mwpersons.com        

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page last edited 12/21/2016