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Static Dissipaters for Towers and Buildings

Static Cat/Gila Stat Static Dissipaters

These products are very similar to the Cortana Static-Cats that you may be familiar with.  They were designed by the same person.

Static dissipaters bleed off static charges that build-up on towers.  The end result is they prevent lightning strikes or reduce the intensity of any strike that may occur.

The EN-1 Eagle Nest Static Dissipater is for towers typically taller than 200 feet. Each one has 420 stainless steel points, 1/8" diameter, on the top and 420 points on the bottomEach side of the nest is 30".  Four 5/8" x 4' stainless steel all-thread rods mount it to the top of a tower usually surrounding a beacon light.  Standard procedure is for a tower worker to install the EN-1 using the existing four bolt holes that the beacon uses. 

The photo on the center shows two men installing one on a tower.  The job took about an hour.  Be sure to spread the stainless steel needles out, as shown in the photo above, for best performance.   

The price is only $1200.00.  This is a quality product that is worth the cost and much more. The shipping weight is 30 pounds.

There is a crossbar to go across the top of the EN-1 that has more stainless steel points.  That option is $350.00.


he Gila Stat GS-3 is typically used at 200 foot intervals on towers.  It has a 2" x 17" aluminum bar with sixty 1/8" stainless steel rods, sharpened to points, on the top and sixty more on the bottom.  A 5/8" x 24" all-thread mounting rod is included.  The cost is $300.00.  Shipping weight is 8 pounds.

Note: You need to specify the leg diameter of the tower it will go on.  If it is an angle-iron tower, then specify a bolt hole diameter that is currently being used on the tower at the height where the unit will be mounted.  You will need to remove that bolt and re-insert it through the mount of the Gila Stat.  Also, specify if the hole is on the side or top of the tower.  The mount is included in the price.   

The Gila Stat GS-
2 Dissipater similar to the GS-1, but has 160 stainless steel points on a 12" long mount with U-clamp mountUse one at the top of a tower that is 200 feet or less in height. 

The cost is only $195.00.  It comes with a mounting bar and is shown here attached to the side of a tower.  You need to specify the diameter of the round-member that it will attach to.

If you want just the GS-2 head, but no 12 inch extension or mounting clamp, the cost is $149.00.  You can use a stainless steel muffler clamp to mount the GS-2 directly to a tower leg.

The Gila Stat GS-1
Dissipater with 72 stainless steel points that are 8" in length, for a total diameter of 16 inches.  The cost is only $47.00.  It has a mounting lug with a 5/16" diameter hole. 

The Gila Stat GS-1, with 12" long mount, sells for $79.00.  A Gila Stat GS-1 with 36" mount is $89.00.  In either case, you need to specify the diameter of the tower leg that it will attach to.    

Use these on 100 foot towers, tops of buildings, and on guy lines of taller towers to keep static charges from snapping across guy insulators.

Here are two
Gila Stat GS-1 Dissipaters
linked together on a single flat-member mount for use on an angle-iron tower. 

Click here to read an article written by Ron Nott regarding this product line.  

Questions?  Email Mark Persons:  teki@mwpersons.com        

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