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Engineer's Log of Mark W. Persons
Your Intrepid Radio Broadcast Engineer's Log Book

              May 2, 2017:   Arvid Sonstelie Stopped By
           April 27, 2017:   Mark is Interviewed on Television
           April 26, 2017:   Radio World Article on Arc Gaps
           April 26, 2017:   More from the NAB Show
           April 25, 2017:    Looking at the NAB Convention
           April 24, 2017:   NAB Convention in Las Vegas
           April 23, 2017:   Nautel Seminar at NAB
           April 14, 2017:   Kirk Harnack Audio Book
           April 12, 2017:   70th Birthday for Mark Persons
         March 31, 2017:   Ron Nott Passed Away
           March 1, 2017:   Lessons of a Major Guy Line Project
           March 1, 2017:   Harris 700 Watt IPA Updated
     February 18, 2017:   Hamfest in St. Joseph, MN
     February 14, 2017:   Jack Lemme Died
       January 23, 2017:   Lou Buron Died

     December 8, 2016:   Mark is Interviewed on TWiRT
     December 5, 2016:   Method of Moments Proof on WWWI-AM
   November 21, 2016:   More added to the Hall of Shame
     November 9, 2016:   Calibrating Analog Audio Consoles article in Radio World
       October 11, 2016:   Broadcasters Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin
  September 28, 2016:   Low Pass Filter added to Continental 802 FM Exciter
    September 9, 2016:   Innovative Arc Gap Design
         August 18, 2016:   Josh Jones from Bohn Broadcast Stopped By
               July 6, 2016:   Take Pride in Your Workmanship Article In Radio World
             May 31, 2016:   BE 250 Watt IPA Updated
             May 24, 2016:   SBE Meeting in Minneapolis/St. Paul
             May 21, 2016:   Voice of America in Bethany, Ohio
             May 20, 2016:   Amateur Radio Hamvention in Dayton, Ohio
             May 17, 2016:   Fair Radio Sales in Lima, Ohio
               May 7, 2016:   Hamfest at Duluth/Superior
            April 29, 2016:   Bob Simmons from KNDK Radio in Langdon, North Dakota
            April 27, 2016:   "Testing and Using Power Transformers" article in Radio World
            April 15, 2016:   Brandon Moore from KFAI Radio
     February 17, 2016:   "RF Spectrum Analyzers: Not Just for Consultants" Radio World Article

   December 16, 2015:   "Bench Techniques and Tools of the Trade" Radio World Article
   November 10, 2015:   Harris Low Pass Filter and Directional Coupler
       October 27, 2015:   Nott Radial Chase Upgrade
       October 26, 2015:   QEI Quantum FM Exciter Modifications
   October 13-14, 2015:   Broadcasters Clinic and National SBE Meeting
  September 14, 2015:   Radio World Article about Packaging Equipment for Shipping
    September 3, 2015:   Radio World Article - The Ocean is Cruel to Broadcasters
            June 19, 2015:   Society of Broadcast Engineers Picnic in the Twin Cities
              April 8, 2015:   Radio World Article about Dick Witkovski, 58 Years in Broadcasting
          March 16, 2015:   Update to Continental 802B FM Exciter Power Amplifier Repair
            March 1, 2015:   Radio World Article, Part 2 on Tubes
      February 23, 2015:   Gates Diplomat and Executive Audio Console Modules Worked On
      February 18, 2015:   Good Friend Shane Toven is now with Telos Alliance
        February 6, 2015:   Three-Port FM RF Switch
        January 15, 2015:   A Visit to Broadcast Concepts
        February 1, 2015:   Radio World Article on How Tubes Work
         January 8, 2015:   Interviewed on Live Internet Television

      December 22, 2014:  BC-1G  Refurbished Gates BC-1G 1000 Watt AM Transmitter
      December 3, 2014:   "Repair a High Voltage Blocking Capacitor" Article Published in Radio World
        October 27, 2014:   Calibration Controls for Five AM Power Levels
        October 20, 2014:   VSWR Calibrator for FM Broadcast Transmitters
        October 14, 2014:   Jim Lamke from KOZY/KMFY Radio Stopped By
          October 8, 2014:   Article in Radio World Magazine
          October 1, 2014:   RF Low Pass Filter for an FM translator
   September 22, 2014:   Main/Auxiliary Antenna Switch for 5 KW
   September 19, 2014: ITA  Mystery Solved on What ITA Stands For
        August 13, 2014:  Article about Doing Sports Remotes published in Radio World Magazine
        August 11, 2014:  Moon Over Brainerd
          August 6, 2014:  AM RF Junction Box with Arc Gap
            July 14, 2014:  Clif Groth from Watertown, Wisconsin, Visited Here
           June 23, 2014:  A Trip to the top of the IDS Center in Downtown Minneapolis
              May 7, 2014:  Irritating Sound Article Published In Radio World
              May 7, 2014:  Jordan Zeller Stopped In
           April 12, 2014:  67th Birthday
             April 7, 2014:  Display Floors Opened
            April 5, 2014:  Speech at a Society of Broadcaster Engineers' Conference
            April 4, 2014:  Speech to the Association of Public Radio Engineers in Las Vegas
          March 9, 2014:  SBE HAMnet Chapter of the Air and Art Bell  revised 03-31-14
    February 15, 2014:  St. Cloud Cabin Fever Reliever Hamfest
      February 1, 2014:  Adjust Rules for NRSC Measurements
      January 23, 2014:  Phasor Box Removes RF Hazard
        January 8, 2014:  Where Have All The Broadcasters Gone? Book for Sale
        January 7, 2014:  Resistor and Switch Modification for Continental 802A & B FM Exciters

   December 31, 2012:  2013  Year End Review
   December 18, 2013: 
Fix a Transmitter Tube Socket Article in Radio World
   December 10, 2013:  Mark's Mother June Passed Away
     November 6, 2013:  Article Published in Radio World
     November 1, 2013:  Bill Satre Stopped By
       October 11, 2013:  More Power Scotty!
         October 9, 2013:  Long Time Client Rod Grams Passed Away
  September 28, 2013:  Trouble in a Harris FM 300 Watt IPA Module
  September 25, 2013:  Shorted Quarter Wave Stub for FM using 7/8" Rigid Line
         August 29, 2013:  A Trip to KLOH Radio
         August 26, 2013:  Randy Wabik visited from WEBC Radio
         August 23, 2013:  Pallet Amplifier for a BE IPA module
           August 9, 2013:  Dinner with Lou Buron and Mary Campbell
           August 6, 2013:  Radio Systems Audio Console Repair Job
           August 1, 2013:  Four AM Stations Sharing One Site Article in Radio World
             July 16, 2013:  Harris Z10 Rectifier Module Repair
             July 13, 2013:  Emergency Power Transformer Replacement for KCLD-FM
            June 23, 2013:  Collins AM RF Switch Repaired and Improved
            June 21, 2013:  SBE Chapter 17 Picnic
              June 9, 2013:   A Visit to iHeart Media in Minneapolis
              May 22, 2013:  Radio World Article on Shorted Quarter Wave Stubs
              May 20, 2013:  A Visit to Crown Broadcast in Elkhart, Indiana
              May 20, 2013:  A Visit to Fair Radio Sales
              May 18, 2013:  Voice of America
              May 17, 2013:  Hamvention in Dayton, Ohio
              May 16, 2013:  A Tour of Electronic Research in Chandler, Indiana
             May 15, 2013:   Microphone Museum and 88 Nine Radio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
               May 8, 2013:   Still More FM Exciters in the Shop for Repair
               May 4, 2013:   Hamfest in Superior, Wisconsin
            April 25, 2013:   FM Combiner Configured and Tuned
            April 17, 2013:   DX Listener Reports from Norway and Finland
            April 10, 2013:   Radio World Article on FM Exciter Repairs
              April 1, 2013:   Dihydrous Monoxide Discovered
          March 26, 2013:   New On/Off Swiches for a Continental FM Transmitter
            March 7, 2013:   Two Manual Audio Switchers
      February 14, 2013:   LPB 20 Watt AM Transmitter Repaired and Modified
        January 16, 2013:   "Your Scope Is a Tool for All Seasons" Article Published in Radio World

     December 31, 2012:  2012  Year End Review
     December 29, 2012:  New Telephone Interface for Digital and IP Phones
     December 27, 2012:  New RF Amplifier for Continental 802A FM Exciter
       December 5, 2012:  Del Dayton stopped by
     November 21, 2012:  Avoid Hall of Shame article Published in Radio World
         October 11, 2012:  Mark appeared on Internet Television...Again!
         October 10, 2012:  Installing Connectors article Published in Radio World
      October 9-11, 2012:  Wisconsin Broadcasters' Clinic
          October 2, 2012:  Dan Zimmerman stopped by at M. W. Persons
     September 6, 2012:  Visiting Roger Utnehmer at WBDK Radio
          August 28, 2012:  Three Continental Exciters in the Shop
          August 27, 2012:  Continental 802A&B RF Amplifier Upgrade
          August 20, 2012:  Hum and Buzz in STL Preamplifier
          August 17, 2012:  Silicon Valley 500 Watt RF Amplifier Repair
  August 10 & 12, 2012:  Visiting Clients in Southern Minnesota
              July 26, 2012:  Visit to the WHBY AM Transmitter Site
             July 20, 2012: 
Building Cooling article Published in Radio World
             July 20, 2012:  Rick Keefer picked up a Rebuilt Transmitter
           July 11, 2012:  Energy-Onix SST-30 FM Exciter Repair
           July 10, 2012:  Conditioning New Old Stock Tubes
           June 21, 2012:  Dinner with Jim Zastrow and an SBE Meeting
           June 20, 2012:  Keep That Transmitter Building Cool article published in Radio World Magazine
           May 30, 2012:  FM Transmitter picked up for Refurbishing
           May 26, 2012:  Harris 150 Watt RF Preamplifier Updated
           May 9, 2012:  Where Have All the Engineers Gone? article published in Radio World Magazine
           May 7, 2012:  Frequency agility made easier on a CCA FM Exciter
           May 3, 2012:  Broadcast Electronics AM5E transmitter cooling system improvement.
           April 28, 2012:  Harris MW-1A PA module repair page updated.
           April 24, 2012:  FM exciter from Hong Kong repaired here.
           April 23, 2012:  Meter replaced in Broadcast Electronics FX-30 FM Exciter.
           April 13-20, 2012:  Mark attended the National Association of Broadcasters annual convention in Las Vegas. 
           April 12, 2012:  Mark celebrated his 65th birthday, but is still a working guy.
           April 1, 2012:  Cycles per Second to Hertz Conversion explained.
           March 16, 2012:  Just unpacked an FM exciter from a station in Florida.  Then four more exciters arrived from a client in California.  That makes five waiting for repair bench time. 
           March 14, 2012:  "Better Living Through Tower Welding"
article published in Radio World Magazine.
           February 25, 2012:  Jim Offerdahl paid a visit bringing equipment for repair
           February 23, 2012:  Broadcast Engineer Marv Olson stopped in to visit
           February 22, 2012:  Dan Houg stopped by to pick up uninterruptible power supplies
           February 16, 2012:  WMIN 1010 AM Sauk Rapids, MN, heard in Finland
           February 8, 2012:  A visit from Steve and Barb Gretsch
           February 1, 2012: "FM Exciter Modifications and Repairs" article published in Radio World Magazine.

           January 23, 2012: New devices for remote broadcast telephones via cellular.  Tech Tips section of Max-ZII page

December 12, 2011: Christmas Letter.
October 19, 2011: "Rebuild That Relic of an AM Transmitter" article published in Radio World Magazine.
October 17, 2011: John and Nina Heltemes visit from Faribault, Minnesota.  Details

October 6, 2011:  Doug Thompson, radio broadcast engineer, stopped by to visit.  Details
October 5, 2011: "Hey, What's his at 1300 KHz?" article published in Radio World Magazine.
September 1, 2011: "How Did That Wireless Tower Get There?" article published in Radio World Magazine.

August 3, 2011: Mark is interviewed again at TWIT TV.  Details
August 1, 2011: Change of Business Plan.  Details
July 11, 2011: KEYL Radio gets a new transmitter.  Details
June 25, 2011: 540 WXYG Radio officially goes on the air.  Details
June 19, 2011: Repairs and updates to a Harris MX-15 FM Exciter.  Details
June 15, 2011: "A Mod Solves Transmitter Troubles" article published in Radio World Magazine
June 3, 2011: More custom-built equipment shipping from M. W. Persons.  Details
May 13, 2011: A Water Tower With No Adverse Effect article in Radio World.  Details
May 7, 2011: Hamfest in Duluth, Minnesota.  Details
May 4, 2011: New 25 KW FM transmitter installed at KBOT Radio.  Details
March 23, 2011: All-Station Audio Take-Over article published in Radio World magazine.  Details
March 23, 2011: Mark interview on TWiT Television 
March 14, 2011: Tower vs. Tower article published in Radio World magazine.  Details

January 26, 2011: Interview on TWiT Television  Details
January 12, 2011: What's in YOUR Toolbox article in Radio World  Details
January 4, 2011: Tower light replacement in winter  Details

December 31, 2010: Year end review  Details
December 1, 2010: Blower motor replacement  Details
December 1, 2010: He's the Man in the Van article in Radio World  Details
October 26-28, 2010: Broadcasters Clinic in Madison, WI.  Details
October 15, 2010: Power generator maintenance article in Radio World.  Details
September 24, 2010: New transmitter at KBUN Radio.  Details
September 21, 2010: High voltage transformer repair.  Details
September 16, 2010: Continuing education class.  Details
September 8, 2010: Tyranny of Power article in Radio World.  Details
August 23, 2010: New transmitter installed at WBHR Radio.  Details
August 21, 2010: Chris Serani stopped by.  Details
August 9, 2010: New transmitter installed at KLTF Radio.  Details
May 21, 2010: Midwest Radio in Green Bay, WI.  Details
April 10-15, 2010: NAB Convention.  Details
March 29, 2010: WXYG Radio under construction.  Details
January 25, 2010: CCA FM Transmitter trouble.  Details
January 22, 2010: Allen Bailey visits.  Details
January 18, 2010: A Nautel AM transmitter to work on.  Details  Updated 2/18/2010
January 8, 2010: Snow in Minnesota.  Details   Updated 1/26/2010

December 21, 2009: A Gates BC-1G Transmitter to retune.  Details  Updated 2/18/2010
November 20, 2009: Pass/reject filter for WJON Radio.  Details
November 19, 2009: Michael Bovey stopped by.  Details
November 10, 2009: Emergency replacement of a power transformer.  Details
October 31, 2009: Stu and Jane Muck came to visit.  Details
October 2, 2009: Jim Zastrow visited.  Details
September 21, 2009: Garrett Wollman stopped by.  Details
August 31, 2009: 
Engine noise in GMC van radio.  Details
August 21, 2009: KNSP Radio gets a new transmitter.  Details
July 20, 2009: A Collins 820E-1A Transmitter work on Details
July 7, 2009: RF and cows Details
June 21, 2009: HD Radio Testing.  Details
June 13, 2009: Vietnam Veterans Honored.  Details
May 21, 2009: RF radiation and SBE meeting.  Details
May 7, 2009: Arbitron equipment installed.  Details  Updated 4/19/2010
April 1, 2009: 
April Fools Stories.  Details
January 29, 2009: KYCK in Crookston, MN,
gets a new main transmitter.  Details
January 20, 2009: Talked to SBE Chapter 17 about spectrum analyzers

December 29, 2008: Transmitter retuned and installed at KMSU Radio in Mankato, Minnesota
December 19, 2008: KFAI in Minneapolis, MN, goes IBOC.  Details
December 9, 2008: WPPI is now WMIN Radio and on the air.  Details

December 5, 2008: New spectrum analyzer added to test equipment list.  Details
April 29, 2008: Coil Crushed in Detuning Network.  Details
February 8, 2008: Tour of Broadcast Electronics in Quincy, IL.  Details
February 5, 2008: HD Radio Class in Quincy, IL.  Details

September 14, 2007:  FMeXtra tested at WHMH Radio in Sauk Rapids, MN.  Details
September 5, 2007 Detuning another AM re-radiator.  Details
March 9, 2007: FM Antenna repaired at KSUM.  Details
December 14, 2007: 
New Station built at Blackduck, MN. Details
January 15, 2007:  Relay Box for satellite receivers.  Details

September 7, 2006:  New Tech-Tips section on this website.  Details
August 8, 2006:  Newly revised and expanded Used Equipment section on this website.  Details
April 29, 2006:  Mark spoke before the Minnesota News Network.  Details

February 2006: Paula is interviewed for Her Voice Magazine  Details

June 23, 2005:  A limited quantity of new Zercom Broadcast Products has become available.  Details
January 6, 2005:  New 1 KW AM RF Switch.  Details
January 4, 2005:  Mark gave a speech to the Lakes Country Computer ClubDetails

November 29, 2004:  Now in stock, a large selection of new and used oil-filled capacitors, dummy loads, and RF switches.  Details
April 1, 2004: Negative Electricity Discovered.  Details
February 24, 2004:  EAS Multi-Station Relay Panels.  Details

November 17, 2003:   Wind generator tower detuning project at KLOH Radio in Pipestone, MN.  Details
September 12, 2003:  Mohawk Military Reunion  Details 
January 10, 2003:   Water tower detuning project at KBUN Radio in Bemidji, MN.  Details

September 11, 2002: AM Expanded Band article in Radio World Magazine written by Mark Persons  Details
May 8, 2002: FM antenna article in Radio World Magazine written by Mark Persons  Details

October 2001: Radio World article by Mark Persons.  Details
June 13, 2001: A tornado takes down tower at Brainerd and knocks out power to the city for 25 1/2 hours.  Details
May, 2001, Mark Persons became a Certified Broadcast Networking Technologist with the Society of Broadcast Engineers.  He is qualified and certified to plan, build, modify, and maintain computer networking systems.
March 12, 2001: New Minnesota Contractor licensing

August 2000: KQWB-AM Changes frequency.  Details

A bit of ancient Radio history

The stories go on and on.  Stop in again sometime.  I'll leave the soldering iron on for you. 
Mark W. Persons
Ham W�MH

Questions?  Email Mark Persons:  teki@mwpersons.com    

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