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Engineer's Log
Ron Nott Passed Away


Friday, March 31
, 2017:  

Long time friend Ron Nott died at the age of 82.  Ron was the founder of Cortana Corporation, making Static Cat static dissipaters and unipoles for AM towers.  After a divorce, his wife kept the Cortana business making static dissipaters.  Ron started Nott Limited making unipoles for feeding and detuning AM towers.  Later he added static dissipaters under the name Gila Stat.  Ron sold Nott Limited in 2010 to Jim Burt and retired.  His retirement hobby was restoring antique trains. 

Mark's comments:  Ron Nott was a true American inventor, always thinking to come up with solutions to problems.  He was a ham, K5YNR,, as all broadcast engineers were from the old days.  I first met Ron in 1988 when he owned and ran Cortana Corporation.  We immediately struck up a great friendship.  Ron freely shared information and taught me a lot about static dissipaters as well as unipoles for AM stations.  I have enjoyed selling and successfully installing many of both products over the years.  No smoke and mirrors, just good science and we have Ron to thank for that.  He retired a few years back, letting others own and run Nott Limited.  But, he was always available when I and others had questions.  Ron Nott will be missed.    

The stories go on and on.  Stop in again sometime.  I'll leave the soldering iron on for you. 
Mark W. Persons
Ham W0MH

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