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Engineer's Log
Fair Radio Sales

Tuesday May 17, 2016:  

Mark W0MH and Paula W0HA visited Fair Radio Sales in Lima, Ohio. 
This place is like no other with literally thousands of pieces of surplus (military and otherwise) electronic equipment for sale in huge warehouses. 
What a treasure to behold! 

Mark remembers seeing Fair Radio ads in electronic magazines dating back to the 1960s. 
Equipment was and still is sold pennies on the dollar.  Now it was fun to see it in person.
Danger, electronics can be hazardous to your health.  It could be dangerous to Paula if any of it should fall over unexpectedly.
Equipment is stacked floor to ceiling with little room for humans to walk in between.

The stories go on and on.  Stop in again sometime.  I'll leave the soldering iron on for you. 
Mark W. Persons

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