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DX Listener Reports for WWWI, Baxter, MN, USA

WWWI-AM specifications:
1270 KHz, 90 degree towers
5000 watts non-directional day
5000 watts 3-tower directional night pointing 162 degrees true
46° 17' 55.00" N Latitude,
94° 16' 42.00" W Longitude (NAD 27)

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Mark, My name is Per Eriksson and I have, according to many of my friends, a strange hobby. I enjoy listening to radio stations from all over the world on the AM band. All they hear from my loudspeakers is the noise, but to me radio over the borders open new horizons.  I am very pleased to inform you that I have been able to pick up the signal from WWWI on AM 1270 kHz over here in Sweden. Date for reception was Wednesday, October 16th, 2019.  Must say that I am proud of catching your signal with my 900 metre (3000 feet) longwire antenna. Yes, the longer the better goes for us who want to hear transatlantic signals! Have put it five metres up in the trees, so elks go free. If propagation is right I am able to pull stations from all over North America.  Sincerely yours, Per Eriksson, Vellinge, Sweden.

Mr. Persons:  In the middle of the night, I listened to my AM-receiver live in northern Sweden trying to catch AM-stations from your side of the Atlantic.

On 1270 kHz I found WWWI and heard station-ID: "... WWWI AM Baxter 1270 AM.  Date and time for my reception: October 15th 2019 at 11 pm MDT.

The reception-conditions for AM-signals were not the very best this night, and there were several other stations on 1270,  but it was really thrilling beeing able to hear WWWI  for the frist time over a distance of 4300 miles.

This reception was made in Parkalompolo, ( ) Parkalompolo is a small village in the ”middle of nowhere”,  deep in the Woods in northern Sweden, north of the Arctic Circle.  It is 20 miles to the nearest shop but it is a perfect place for us listening to weak distant AM stations. We have 6 long wire-antennas ( 800-1100 meters each) in different directions in the woods.

Here you can find some photos from our DX-Camp in Parkalompolo

My receiver: Perseus SDR-receiver with an 900 meters long-wire antenna pointing towards central north America.

I am 72 years old and I live with my wife in a small town called Nödinge to the north of Gothenburg.  We have three children and four grandchildren living not far from us.  I have a strange hobby, listening to distant radio-stations from around the world (DX-ing).  I also like to ride my Honda MC and walking in the woods close to our house.

 Best Regards from Parkalompolo in northern Sweden.  Alf Persson

Dear Mark, Greetings from Finland! We are Jarmo and Vesa, two AM radio hobbyists from Southern Finland. We are writing to inform that we have succeeded to receive your AM station in Finland!

Every year in winter season we travel up to Lapland, the northernmost province of Finland. This area is ideal for catching fascinating long distance AM radio signals as yours.

Our reception of WWWI took place on 1270 kHz AM on January 11, 2015 at 12.59 A.M. Eastern Standard Time.

We heard your station identification "You're listening to NBC Red Zone Sports Radio on WWWI AM 1270 Brainerd-Baxter. WWWI AM is a Red Rock Radio Corporation station."

This long distance reception was possible with Microtelecom SDR communications receiver connected to a half mile long wire antenna directed to your area.  Sincerely, Jarmo Patala and Vesa Rinkinen, "TEAM KIKDX" AM DX Club in Finland.

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