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DX Listener Reports for KNSP, 1430 KHz, Staples, MN, USA

KNSP-AM Specificiation:
1430 KHz, 89 degree tower
1000 watts non-directional day
199 watts non-directional night
46° 21' 34.00" N Latitude
94° 46' 55.00" W Longitude

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Hello Mark, I’m happy to inform you about the reception of KNSP Staples MN 1430 AM, which I managed to pick up with my Perseus SDR receiver and a 3000-feet long aerial pointing towards the U.S. midwest. This was a genuine reception through air waves, with the transmitted signal bouncing back from the upper layers of ionosphere, not received via internet.  Listening location was an isolated cottage in Northern Finland, ideal place for catching long-distance AM signals.

 The reception took place on October 31, 2020, right after your local midnite with ESPN programming for about 15 minutes. The top of the hour identification was given at 01.00 hrs, and it was as follows: “Central Minnesota’s sports, sports, sports. AM 14-30 KNSP Staples-Wadena. The Fan!” Prior to the identification there was an ESPN promo for a program on Sunday, at four Eastern, on ESPN Radio.

Thank you very much for the programming, it was a pleasure to hear KNSP and to follow the ESPN programming! I’m a 60-year old Sales development director, been actively in this radio listening hobby since 1973. To hear stations like KNSP really gives me a boost to pursue with signal catching!

I remain cordially yours, Hannu Tikkanen, Espoo, Finland


On October 13, 2020, I had the pleasure of shortly capturing the signal of your station KNSP Staples 1430 AM here in Finland with my Perseus SDR receiver and about half a mile long antenna wire pointing towards central North America.  I don’t have such a monster-long antenna at home, but we were spending about a week in Ivalo in Northern Finland and I had that wire hanging on tree branches outside the house we were staying.  At your local midnight when I heard: "Central Minnesota's Sports AM 14-30 KNSP Staples-Wadena, The Fan." Sports Net sports news was next. 

I am a 65-year-old former teacher of English and Spanish in Joensuu, Finland.  My wife Riitta has also retired from her job as a teacher of Swedish and German, and we have a 30-year-old son called Matti who works in the Canadian-based IT company CGI.  Being now fully retired I have had more free time.  My hobbies include spectator sports, playing tennis and this radio hobby of trying to catch distant radio signals, mainly from the Americas.  My home town Joensuu with its 78,000 inhabitants was founded in 1848 at the beautiful mouth of the river Pielisjoki (Joensuu means "mouth of a river").  The whole region is dotted with hundreds and hundreds of lakes, and we also have a small summer cottage by one of them.  I am not a very avid fisherman, but the lake has provided us many tasty meals during the past summers.  Yours, Jussi Suokas, JOENSUU, FINLAND 

DX-ing in COVID times:  Hello Mark, I am a radio enthusiast who enjoys listening for long distance radio signals. Over the years I have heard many stations serviced by you and with the receptions confirmed by you. Now I managed to hear KNSP on 1430 Kilohertz, on October 29, 2020, at at 12:19 an ESPN promo “Greeny with Mike Greenberg Weekdays at noon Eastern on ESPN Radio and on ESPN ..” and the KNSP-slogan “AM 1430 The Fan,then ESPN-programming continued I spenta week in October 2020 in Lapland listening to AM-stations from all around the globe.  My setup consists of a Perseus SDR-receiver and the antenna system, consisting of long wires hanging on the branches of trees, designed for DX reception on the AM broadcast band.  With best wishes from Finland, stay safe!  Hakan Sundman, Helsinki, Finland.



Mark, I picked up KNSP on Sunday, October 18th, 2020, over here in Sweden. The signal on AM 1430 kHz was a little weak and with co-channel interference, but fully readable around top of the hour. Considering the distance between transmitter and my receiver, I am more than thrilled!  Must say that I am proud of catching this signal a my 900 metre (3000 feet) longwire antenna. Using a Perseus software defined receiver manufactured by Microtelecom with third party Jaguar software.
Sincerely yours, Per Eriksson, Vellinge, Sweden


September 18, 2020, at 10.00 p.m. CDT.  Hello from Finland, I´m very happy to inform you that I heard KNSP Staples MN 1430 AM    My receiving equipment consists of a Perseus SDR Receiver and a 800 meter (2500 ft.) aerial beamed to 320 degrees.  The station identification by a male announcer: "Your Source for Sports, AM 1430 KNSP Staples-Wadena - The Fan".  Then, Sports news.  Many thanks for your nice and interesting program! 

I´m currently 65 years old and retired from my work as service director of the North Karelia Province Health Care.  But I´m still working as practising doctor in my own company.  I work in North Karelia and in Lapland.  My holiday house is situated in Iavlo, Lapland. I heard your station there.  Dr. Jari Korhnen, Finland.


February 4, 2020, at 06’59’48 UTC, I caught station KNSP 1430 here in Finland on the AM band.  I heard “K-N-S-P, Staples-Wadena, 14-30.”  The catch was made up in northern Finland, in Aihkiniemi, Lapland. The receiver that I use is a Perseus SDR and a long wire antenna of 1000 meters.  The distance to my place is 6.340 kilometers (3939 miles)

Best Regards, Ronny in Aihkiniemi, Lapland

Dear Mark, I had the big luck catching half a minute of the KNSP AM 1430 broadcast at last. I've been waiting for this to happen!  My antenna here at home works very well for MN and WI so it was a matter of time before hearing KNSP... A bit more of the ESPN was heard before and after but only weakly.

I see now that you retired too but perhaps you have the contacts to  either confirm this or forward it to someone who can? You've verified  my KKIN and WVAL reports earlier. Thanks again for that! 
Here is what I heard:
RADIO STATION:             KNSP Staples-Wadena MN
FREQUENCY:                  1430 AM
RECEPTION DATE:         September 24, 2019
RECEPTION TIME:          8.59:45 - 9.00:15 PM  Central DST
RECEPTION QUALITY:   Readable for a couple of minutes
ANTENNA:                       3,000 ft wire pointing to the northwest at my place in Furuögrund, Sweden
9.00   Station ID: "... KNSP Staples-Wadena ..."   ESPN:  "ESPN Radio Sportscenter."

 I've turned 66 and is a partly retired electronics engineer interested in AM radio and it's unpredictable behavior. I've been active scanning the AM band for Nort American stations reaching across the Atlantic for 48 years with top equipment at good locations.  Bo Olofsson, Sweden.   

Hi.  My name is Ole Forr.  I'm a 61 year old radio entusiast from Norway (Europe).   I am a diary farmer married and have 2 sons.   I like to try to pick up North American AM stations.  Togtether with 3 friends we have an antenna project in Artic Norway (Kongsfjord).  I picked up KNSP on 1430 AM.  
DATE: January 14th  2019, Time: 3.00 a.m CST, Frequency: 1430 AM:          
I heard Station identification: "Your source for Sports AM 14-30 K-N-S-P Staples - Wadena." Followed ESPN sports.  Always very nice to hear a Minnesota station. 
My receiver is a Perseus  Broadband receiver and I heard KNSP on a 1500ft  antenna pointed  300 degrees.
I have been doing this hobby since 1970 and have soon received positive verificatiions from 1100 USA stations on AM.  I also have a HAM Radio license, LA6EIA, used to be very active but not so much the last years.  THANK YOU!  Mr. Ole Forr, SOR-FRON, Norway.

Dear Mr. Persons,  Today I found KNSP with a good signal during excellent "spot" propagation towards Minnesota!  At 1.00 am CST I noted KWAD with a rather poor signal, but several other rare MN stations were up with good signals, and indeed did I hear KNSP as well. The signal was good, I don't think you need headphones to recognize the full-hour identification: "Your choice for sports, AM 1430, KNSP Staples - Wadena." 

After a dry and mild fall, we finally got quite a bit of snow here, so the cross country skiers are satisfied. I prefer jogging, which does not match well with deep snow!  One of my DX buddies, Ole Forr, also heard KNSP at the same time. You may have heard from him already!  We are in a solar minimum now, and the effects on the AM band is obvious: skywave signals every day and sometimes the signal strengths are amazing. Great fun!  Heard on Christmas Eve at noon, 2018.  A Happy New Year to you! 
Best regards, Bjerne Mjelde, Arctic Norway.

Dear Mark:  The 1st of January 2019 at 0700 UTC/GMT, that is 01.00 CST on 1430 I heard Staples, MN, station announcing, "KNSP-your home for local sports- Staples-Wadena"  said by same man who has done KLIZ 1380 Brainerd Baxter announcement

I was listeneing in place called Aihkiniemi, in Northern Finnish Lappland, near the Arctic Ocean using a Perseus digital multi-channel radio and 3000-foot antenna pointing towards Denver, Colorado.

Wishing you all the best, Lauri Niemi

Greetings from northern Sweden, I am writing to report my reception of KNSP at 1430 AM here in Sweden. This was the first time I happen to pick up this station, so it would be very nice hearing from you.

I am in the 40's and live in Umeĺ in northern Sweden. This is a university town with a population of about 120.000. I have a wife and two girls (9 and 7 years). I work as a researcher in Molecular Biology at Umeĺ University, and I have been enjoying DX-ing since I started listening to Shortwave on my parents' Arena grammophone/radio receiver back in the 80's.

My reception was done October 27, 2012, at 8:54 pm CDT (0154 GMT/UTC) at 1430 kHz AM.  The location was Parkalompolo, a small village in the far north of Sweden (north of the Arctic circle). My receiver is Perseus software defined receiver and the antenna was a 1000 meter (3,100 feet) wire beamed towards the central parts of North America.

There was interference from other stations using 1430, one of them was KEZW in Aurora, CO. I think your transmitter did a good job indeed that day! Your other station 920 KWAD was not heard at this time, indicating a selective skip.  This is what I heard: "..92 KWAD, 1430 KNSP.”  Then a Country song.  That station is definitely among the best "catches" I have done in recent years.

Thank you very much in advance and the best to you from Sweden,
Jan Oscarsson

E-mail from Norway:   Hi Mark,  I was able to hear KNSP, 1430 kHz AM, on 28 October 2012 @ 11:00 pm your local time (CST).  I heard a male voice say “92 KWAD Wadena, 1430 KNSP Staples” followed by ABC news.  The reception was made in Kongsfjord, Arctic Norway.

I am using a Perseus SDR receiver (a software defined radio) connected to my PC. See for more information.  With this receiver I can receive up to 1600 kHz bandwidth at the same time and store it to disk. Then I listen through the saved data afterwards. The antenna used is two parallel 1000 foot wires directed towards Western U.S.

Best regards,
OJ in Norway


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