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Diversity Antenna Switch
Typically used on 950 MHz STL systems

Built by M. W. Persons and Associates, Inc.
Made in Minnesota

This is a rack-mounted relay-panel which switches between two antennas.  It is typically used when a radio broadcast transmitter site has two STL (Studio-Transmitter-Link) receive antennas.  The switch will select between the two antennas to get the best receive signal.  In the photo above, the top red light indicates that the receiver is getting its signal from the highest antenna on the tower.  The center green light indicates the switch has selected the lower antenna.  A pushbutton switch at the bottom allows the user to manually select either antenna.  One button push changes to the other antenna.  Another button push selects the first antenna again.

The system, as shown here, relies on a contact closure from a remote control system to tell it to do the switching.  The best way to make this happen is to have the remote control system monitor the signal strength indicator on the STL receiver.  The remote control should be programmed to give a momentary contact closure whenever the signal level drops below a preset threshold.

The relay is a Tohtsu CZX3500 with N connectors.  It is rated at 1000 watts @ 50 MHz, 600 watts @ 1 GHz, and 10 watts @ 4 GHz. Loss is 0.2 dB @ I GHz.  This Diversity Antenna Switch is built-to-order to the customer's exact requirements.  The example above sells for $525.00 plus shipping and tax.

If you need N to N jumper cables, we can make those too.  See: http://mwpersons.com/N-cables.html 

Questions?  Email Mark Persons:  teki@mwpersons.com        

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page last edited 02/22/2016