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Telephone Interface
Digital Telephones in Radio Studios

hen you have a digital or IP telephone in a radio studio, you may have a problem getting analog audio to and from it. 

The IP-HST3 interface can be an answer in that case.

We have built a number of these for clients. 

They interrupt the handset cord on the telephone. 

The telephone handset plugs into the IP-HDT3 which in turn plugs into the telephone. 

There is a switch on the IP-HST3 that turns off the telephone handset microphone and substitutes audio from the studio console.

The telephone caller hears studio announcers via their regular studio microphones.

The console is normally wired or switch selected to provide mix-minus (console audio minus telephone audio) as "send" audio to the telephone.

There is an audio "send" level control in the interface to set a normal volume level going to the caller.

Receive audio from the phone is sent to the telephone input channel on the console.  The level us usually -20 dBm. 

Here is a view of the rear of the IP-HST3 interface.

It has standard balanced XLR-3 connectors for audio.

Each unit is custom built so it can be ordered with other audio connector types.

The inside is straight forward.

Schematic documentation is included. 

The box is 3" wide x 2.1" high x 6" deep.

The IP-HST3 Telephone Audio Interface is priced at $324.00 plus shipping.  Add tax if it goes to Minnesota or Wisconsin. 
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Questions?  Email Mark Persons:  teki@mwpersons.com         

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page last edited 12/21/2016