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Manual Audio Switchers

These are two kinds of rack mounted audio switches.  The top one, in each photo, is for selecting one of two stereo balanced audio lines to a single stereo output.

The bottom switcher in each photo selects one of two composite audio feeds to go to one STL or FM transmitter exciter input.  It has a DPDT switch so the shield connection can be switched as well to prevent problems associated with balanced feeds.  The BNC jacks are insulated from ground to prevent ground loop problems. 

Switchers are 19" wide by 1-3/4" high (1 rack unit).  

The unit in the upper part of each photo is for stereo balanced audio.  It is $120 plus shipping.
The one for composite audio is in the lower part of each photo.  Purchase it for $150 each plus shipping.
Add tax if shipping to Minnesota or Wisconsin.
E-mail for additional information.

Questions?  Email Mark Persons:  teki@mwpersons.com        

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page last edited 02/21/2016