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Condensers and Capacitors
by Mark Persons 

April 1, 2007

Condenser Farad conversion to capacitor Microfarad: Even before the year 1900, Hams used condensers in the earliest transmitters and receivers. Later, they used capacitors to do the same job of frequency selection, coupling, and bypassing in electronic circuits.

For old radio collector who are tasked with trying to convert Condenser Farads to Capacitor Microfarads, here is how it is done: Multiply the Condenser Farad value by 2.5 and then divide the result by .0000025. Example: .0001 Farad x 2.5 = .00025 divided by .0000025 = 100 Capacitor Microfarads.

The graph should help for those who are math challenged. 

April Fools

Editor's note:  Mark Persons is Certified by the Society of Broadcast Engineers as a Professional Broadcast Engineer with over 30 years experience.   He has written numerous articles for many industry publications over the years.  His website is: 

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