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Writing and Maintaining a VFW Post Website

by Mark Persons, Webmaster VFW Post 1647
Gopher Oversea'r Magazine
February - May, 2021

An article about writing post websites, in the last Gopher Oversea’r, resulted in several questions and comments. To clarify, almost anyone can write a post website. It is not difficult. The goal is to present the organization in a positive light to members and the public. Websites are information resources. They can be a force for good or can give the post a black eye if the content is outdated.

An important point is the web address needs to be short. In the case of the one I write for the Brainerd VFW, is The address does not have a post number or even say post. It is short and to the point, so it is easy to relate in a conversation and be remembered. You will note also that the address ends in .org and not .com. National VFW and state/department VFW websites end in .org because VFWs are not-for-profit organizations and are taxed accordingly.

Interestingly, the Brainerd VFW has a .com address as well. Find out why in a six-page how-to guide by going to:

Mark Persons was an Army sergeant in Vietnam and is now a member of the Brainerd VFW. At age 73, he serves as Post Chaplain and Webmaster.

Also find the article at:


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