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Radio Broadcast Technical Consulting and Sales
10032 Island Drive, Brainerd, MN  56401

Zercom Broadcast Products

Note: The Zercom Marine Division 
was sold to Techsonic.  Phone: 334-687-6613

A limited quantity of new and used Zercom Broadcast Products is available.  Click for more information below:  

Max-Z Remote Broadcast Telephone
Max-ZII Remote Broadcast Telephone
ZH-2 Telephone Hybrid
Gain Box (audio and DC amplifier)
Patch Switch (push-button audio selector switch)
DA-8S Audio Distribution Amplifier
Hooker Audio Pad

Equipment manuals, with schematics, for all Zercom broadcast products are available for $20.00 each plus shipping.  Wall transformer power supplies with DIN plug, used on later versions of the Max-Z and Max-ZII units, are available.  E-mail us your request, along with your street address and telephone number.  We will e-mail you the total cost including shipping. 

Parts for Zercom Max-Z Four Channel Remote Broadcast Telephones.  Click Here 
Parts for Zercom Max-ZII Two Channel Remote Broadcast Telephones.  Click Here
Repairs on all Zercom Broadcast Products.  Click Here
Sorry, Zercom Marine products are not sold or repaired here.

"As a design engineer for Zercom, I can help you understand and properly specify products."  Mark Persons

Questions?  Email Mark Persons:  teki@mwpersons.com        

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page last edited 02/22/2016