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  Zercom Broadcast Products

Note:  A limited quantity of new units are available at this time.


Zercom Gain Box

Stereo active balanced input and output, this amplifier is used to boost consumer level devices like CD players to line level.  The unit will work as a program amplifier or a DC amplifier as well.  The Gain Box can be mounted to a flat surface, using the built-in mounting tabs.  One or two can mount on a single-unit rack plate.  

Gain:  -6 to +20 DB or +14 to +40 DB set by internal gain option.
Signal to Noise Ratio:  100 DB
Harmonic Distortion:  Less than 0.10% THD
Intermodulation Distortion:  Less than 0.10%
Frequency Response:  +/- 0.25 DB from DC to 20 KHz
Channel Separation:  75 DB
Maximum Output:  +22 DBM into 600 Ohms Active Balanced.  
                            +16 DBM into 600 Ohms Unbalanced.
Input Impedance:  66 K Ohms Active Balanced.  
                          33K ohms Unbalanced
Power:  120 VAC 50/60 Hz or 240 VAC 50/60 Hz 10 Watts.  
            Units come factory configured for 120 VAC with a standard three wire power cord. 
Physical Dimensions:   8-1/2 inches long, 5 inches deep, and 1-5/8 inches high.

You can modify the Gain Box to be used as a stereo microphone preamplifier or a stereo RIAA equalized phono preamplifier.  Information is included in the instruction manual.


The Zercom Gain Box carries a one-year parts and labor warranty.  If you get a unit and decide it is not right for your situation, you may return it for refund, minus the shipping costs, within 30 days of purchase.  A refund assumes the unit has not been damaged or modified in any way.

$125.00 plus shipping and tax

Pre-drilled rack mount 19" x 1 3/4" black rack panels, with 6-32 mounting machine screws for Gain Boxes, are $18.00.  Specify if you want to mount one Gain Box or two.
Instruction manuals with schematics are available for $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping anywhere in the U.S.  

"As a design engineer for Zercom, I can help you understand and properly specify products."  Mark Persons

Questions?  Email Mark Persons:  teki@mwpersons.com         

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page last edited 02/22/2016