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If you have a question, email us:  teki@mwpersons.com  Put "Broadcast" in the subject line.

FM Transmitter Parts and Equipment Price
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FM Exciters and Accessories

2 Collins KPN 5220 0-53 KHz Linear Phase Low Pass Filter.  600/600 ohms unbalanced for use in Collins 310Z-2 FM Exciter.  Good working condition.    $30.00
4 Continental 802A FM Exciter Instruction Books.  These are three-ring binders complete with schematic diagrams.  Good condition.    $50.00
1 Harris 994-7992-001  41 or 67 KHz SCA Generator.  Made to plug into a Harris MS-15 or MX-15 FM Exciter main frame.  Good condition with manual.   (also listed in Specials) $90.00
Any Harris 120 VAC Power Cable for a Harris MS-15 or MX-15 FM Exciter.  Comes with a 120 VAC grounded plug on one end and a 12-pin plug on the other end to go to an exciter.  We build these new to factory specifications.  See:  http://mwpersons.com/harris-power-cord.html    $38.00
1 Harris MS-15 FM Exciter factory original instruction manual.  Includes Part I and Part II, complete with schematics.    $45.00
1 Harris THE-1 FM Exciter factory original instruction manual, complete with schematics.    $50.00
1 Harris rack adapter set to make it possible to put a 19" wide FM exciter or rack panel into a larger than 19" opening that is designed for 22" wide equipment. Good condition, black in color, 14" high.    $20.00
1 TRW PT3134E matched pair of RF transistors for a Gates TE series FM exciter.  New unused.  Also listed in Semiconductors. $40.00
  We repair of FM excitersDetails  


1 Broadcast Electronics 381-0001 Motor with gear head assembly used in many BE transmitters for raising and lowering power.  It is a Pittman GM9413E921 bi-directional motor.  Has a 426:1 ratio gear reduction for 9.1 revolutions per minute with 300 oz/in. torque.  Runs on 12 VDC at 135 m.a.  This unit was replaced when it was thought the motor did not work.  Later it was determined that the motor was fine and not the cause of a transmitter malfunction.   Used and in very good working condition. $100.00
1 CCA  570 uhy/5 amp RF choke.  Commonly used in a CCA 3 KW FM transmitter  Good condition $90.00
1 CCA 3 KW Tuning (L13) and Loading (L14) inductors. Good condition  photo 1     photo 2 $200.00
1 Collins/Continental 353-0435-010 2 KV/3 phase rectifier for 25 KW FM transmitter $100.00
1 Dwyer Electronics 1820 5.  Adjustable air pressure sensor for use in a transmitter. Has air connections for the high and low pressure side of the diaphragm.  Has a SPDT switch to indicate adequate air pressure.  Used, but in good condition.  Photo  (also listed on the AM transmitters page) $40.00
4 Gates/Harris 516-0250-000  500 pf/500 volt capacitor used on 4CX250B tube sockets in Gates/Harris/Gates Air FM20K and similar transmitters.  These are low impedance RF bypass capacitors.  New and in excellent condition.  Photo  (also on capacitors page) $10.00
3 Omega PSW-581 Air Pressure Switch.  Used to sense air pressure on transmission lines for remote controlled alarms.  Has SPDT switch rated at 15 amp/250 VAC.   New unused in the original box and in excellent condition.  (Also listed in miscellaneous and coax connectors) $35.00
9 Ohmite Z-50  7 uhy/1 amp RF choke.  35 to 110 MHz.   Often found in Harris FM transmitters as the PA grid choke (L4 in the FM-20K transmitter).  Gates/Harris/Gates Air part number 494-0004-000.  $10.00
4 RCA 210340 Feed-Thru Bushing, Ceramic (ceramic feed-through insulator).  Goes in 3/4" diameter hole.   Center hold can accommodate a #10 bolt.  Also known as NS5W4104 CAS and NS5W4204 CAS.  New, unused in original RCA factory box. (also in AM transmitter section) $30.00

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Please do not call regarding used equipment items.  If you have a question, email us:  teki@mwpersons.com  Put "Broadcast" in the subject line.


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