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Brainerd Tornado June 13, 2001

A tornado came through the south side of Brainerd, MN at about 8 PM on Wednesday, June 13th, 2001.  About 75 homes were damaged...many leveled to the ground.

Here is your intrepid Radio Broadcast Engineer, Mark Persons, surveying the damage at the KLIZ radio transmitter site.  In the background is what is left of a 180 foot tower that had served as the south tower in the station's three tower AM antenna system.  

The National Weather Service said this was an F2 Tornado with winds in excess of 100 miles per hour.  

If you look closely, you can see two members of Tim's Tower Service on the center tower of the array.  They reattached a broken guy line to the tower and straightened the unipole feed system so that AM broadcasting could resume.  You can see the fallen south tower in the lower right side of the photograph.  No, the center tower is not leaning...it is just the camera angle.

The station normally runs 5000 watts non-directional daytime and 5000 watts with three towers at night.  Broadcasting resumed on Thursday evening at 1000 watts non-directional day and night under Special Temporary Authorization from the Federal Communications Commission.  

A 3/4 mile stretch of power line was blown down by the twister.  You can see some of the lines lying on the ground at the access road to the KLIZ transmitter site.  The yellow truck is pulling what is left of a utility pole out of the ground so that it can be replaced.  Power crews worked through the night to restore power.  This was the main power line into the city of Brainerd.  The entire city was without power for 25 1/2 hours.  

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