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Radio Broadcast Technical Consulting and Sales
10032 Island Drive, Brainerd, MN  56401


WMIN AM 1010 KHZ/1.7 KW
WVAL AM 800 KHZ/2.5 KW
WBHR AM 660 KHz/10 KW
WXYG AM 540 KHz/.85 KW
WHMH FM 101.7 MHz40 KW/423 Ft.
Sauk Rapids/St. Cloud, Minnesota

The telephone number is 320-252-6200


WVAL Radio has been in Sauk Rapids/St Cloud since the 1960's.  Their original 800 KHz/250 watt day signal was turned off in favor of their new 660 KHz 10 KW day/500 watt night 4 tower facility in 1986.  http://www.tricountybroadcasting.com 

Then, in 1998, we sold them a Kintronic Labs phasor/combiner system to add 800 KHz on their 660 KHz AM transmitter/antenna system.  That's right, WVAL asked for and got their original 800 KHz frequency back.  It runs 2700 watts day and 900 watts night.  The Kintronic phasor is shown behind Mark in the photo below.

Long distance reception reports

September 14, 2007:  Here is your intrepid engineer, Mark Persons, smiling while admiring the installation of a new FMeXtra system at WHMH Radio.  This FM sub-carrier has two stereo digital program channels on top of the regular analog FM stereo.  All of the modulation is compatible.  There is even a 57 KHz RDS/RBDS data stream on the carrier.

Behind Mark is the backup transmitter for WHMH.  The main transmitter is fed by a Moseley PCL 6010/6020 STL system.  Photos at the right show the test setup behind the equipment rack.  There is a Tektronix 2215 Oscilloscope, an IFR A7550 Spectrum Analyzer and a Telewave 44AP Wattmeter.

The result was spectacular.  For a $12,000 investment, two additional digital stereo feeds were broadcast without the necessity to go with Ibiquity IBOC.  Digital reception goes out 45 miles. 

To the WMIN Radio construction project.   

To the WXYG Radio construction project.

New Nautel XR12 AM Transmitter installed 8/23/2010.

WHMH FM Radio was a 3 KW facility on 101.7 MHz.  We upgraded that to 38 KW in 1996, then to 50 KW in the year 2000.  Their website is: http://rockin101.com"

The WVAL Radio website is: http://www.800wval.com

The WBHR Radio we site is: http://www.660wbhr.com

The WMIN Radio website is: http://www.uptown1010.com

The WXYG Radio website is:  http://www.540wxyg.com

The telephone number for WVAL/WHMH/WBHR Radio is 320-252-6200.

Questions?  Email Mark Persons:  teki@mwpersons.com         

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