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Radio Broadcast Technical Consulting and Sales
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WMIN AM 1010 KHZ/1.7 KW
WVAL AM 800 KHZ/2.5 KW
WBHR AM 660 KHz/10 KW
WXYG AM 540 KHz/.85 KW
WHMH FM 101.7 MHz40 KW/423 Ft.
Sauk Rapids/St. Cloud, Minnesota

The telephone number is 320-252-6200


WVAL Radio has been in Sauk Rapids/St Cloud since the 1960's.  Their original 800 KHz/250 watt day signal was turned off in favor of their new 660 KHz 10 KW day/500 watt night 4 tower facility in 1986.  http://www.tricountybroadcasting.com 

Then, in 1998, 800 KHz was turned on again on the same towers as the 660 KHz AM was and is using.  WMIN 1010 KHz was added in 2008 and WXYG 540 KHz was added in 2010.  That makes four AM radio stations sharing seven towers on one site!  

Long distance reception reports below:

Hello Mark, On January 25, 2013, at 2:00 AM CLT, I had the pleasure of hearing WBHR broadcasting on 660 KHz. What I heard was the station identification at 2:00 AM  “W-B-H-R Sauk Rapids, Saint Cloud, The Bear” followed by “ESPN Sportscenter ..”.  This happened week while I was on a DXpedition in Lapland.

Dear WVAL, I am a radio enthusiast who enjoys listening for long distance radio signals. On November 13, 2009, at 6:00 AM CST I had the pleasure of hearing WVAL broadcasting on 800 Kilohertz. At 06:00 AM the end of a country song and “AM 800 WVAL, Sauk Rapids, Saint Cloud, Minnesota’s Country Legends” and CBS News. Even though the reception was possible for a short time only, it was fantastic to hear your programme so far away.  Many thanks for this short moment, I really enjoyed it!

I spent a week in November 2009 in a small village in Lapland called Lemmenjoki (Love River!) with a friend listening to North American AM-stations.  My setup consists of a Perseus SDR-receiver and the antenna system, consisting of long wires hanging on the branches of trees, was designed for DX reception on the AM broadcast band. Because of the long antennas and favourable atmospheric conditions we were able to pick up your signal.  Lemmenjoki, situated some 200 miles North of the Arctic Circle in North Finland, used to be known for gold findings; today the most important industry is tourism.

A few words about myself.  My working career was in business-to-business marketing but I am now retired.  My wife is Kaarina and we have one son, Patrik.  We also have a cute Birman Temple cat named Ziina. We live in a suburb of Helsinki called Marjaniemi by the Gulf of Finland.

Here in the Eastern parts of Helsinki we have a local radio listeners club.  We are a handful of oldtime DX-ers meeting regularly to discuss DX-ing, sometimes bowling etc. With other DX-clubs in Finland we publish the 'Radio World' -magazine.  If you will visit Finland and Helsinki one day, please visit our club, too. You are most welcome!

Håkan Sundman


Dear Mark,  I was very lucky to hear WBHR Sauk Rapids on 660 kHz. The frequency is usually dominated by the east coast and Canadian stations, but on one particular January morning WBHR pushed through twice, in two consecutive top-of-the-hours, giving me the possibility to identify and report it. My receiver is a software defined radio "Perseus SDR" using a 3000 ft long directional aerial, directed to the US Midwest. Enclosed please see the identification details.

WBHR on 660 kHz, January 25th 2013 at CST, after your local midnight:

00.59   The station identification was heard partially, given by a male announcer: “…The Bear, W-B-H-R (Sauk Rapids)…”
01.00   Rapid fade out, possibly into ESPN programming.
2.00   The similar identification, the male announcer: “…W-B-H-R Sauk Rapids,…The Bear!

Hannu Tikkanen
Espoo, Finland

Dear Sirs,  Thank you very much for your programme.  It was most interesting to receive WBHR The Bear AM 660 here in Finland!

I am 45 years old, married, a father of two lovely & lively kids and working with a marketing research company as a managing director. I also produce a TV-animation show for children, called Dibidogs (www.dibidogs.com), and it is aired already in 12 countries and has over 20 million viewers.  My favorite hobbies are sports and listening to foreign radio stations (DX-listening).

I work with leading media companies in Northern Europe, including online media, print, TV and radio. Thus I find it extremely interesting to tune into foreign radio stations.  Actually radio is both professionally and personally my most favorite media, the one I spend most of my time with.

Radio simply reaches you everywhere, is very useful and is so much fun to listen to.  I spent my winter holiday in Aihkiniemi, Lapland, Northern Finland with my family by skiing and listening to foreign radio stations. I have there a cottage with 12 antennas (each 1000 meter long)! Because of the long antennas and good atmospheric condi­tions I was able to receive your station. The receiver I used was a com­munica­tions receiver NRD 535.  I received your station as follows:

Date of reception: The 11th January 2013, Time: 16.30 hours CST, Frequency: 660 AM, Reception quality: Weak reception quality, but I guess Finland lies a bit out of your normal coverage area ;)  Interference: Semilocal station from Murmansk, Russia on 657 kHz with 50 000 watts. 

Here in Espoo we have a local radio listeners club, Espoon DX-Kuunteli­jat.  We are some 20 active members, meeting once a month and having listening trips around Finland. With other DX-clubs in Finland we publish 'Radio World' magazine. If you will visit Finland and Espoo one day, please visit our club, too. You are most welcome!

Thank you very much for your programme. I hope to hear your station in the future, too.  With very best wishes,

Jim Solatie

Greetings from northern Sweden, I am writing to report my long distance reception of radio station WVAL on 800 AM here in Sweden. This was the first time I happen to pick up this station, so it would be very nice hearing from you, confirming that it was in fact WVAL that I received.

I am in the 40's and live in Umeå in northern Sweden. This is a university town with a population of about 120.000.  I have a wife and two girls (9 and 7 years).  I work as a researcher in Molecular Biology at Umeå University, and I have been enjoying DX-ing since I started listening to shortwave on my parents' Arena gramophone/radio receiver back in the 80's.

My report is from October 27, 2012, at 10:00 pm CDT (0300 GMT/UTC). The location was Parkalompolo, a small village in the far north of Sweden (north of the Arctic circle). My receiver is Perseus software defined receiver and the antenna was a 1000 meter wire beamed towards the central parts of North America.

There was also interference from other stations using 800, one of them was Radio Cañon in Mexico. I think your transmitter did a good job indeed that day!  I heard "Country, we're 800 WVAL," then a country song was heard.  That station is definitely among the best "catches" I have done in recent years. Any info about your station is of interest too.

Thank you very much in advance and the best to you from Sweden, Jan Oscarsson

Hello Mark, My name is Jari Sinisalo. I'm 48 years old  and an IT-system specialist from the Town of Vaasa, Finland. I listen to far away AM radio stations as my hobby. I also collect reception verifications. My other hobbies include: music, skiing, reading and foreign languages, especially Spanish. I have two sons: Teemu 20 years and Tuomas 15 years.  My home town Vaasa is situated on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, in the westernmost part of Finland. It was founded in 1606 by King Charles IX of Sweden. It has a population of 60,000 of whom some 24% are Swedish speaking.

I had the pleasure of listening to your station WMIN Sauk Rapids MN broadcasting on 1010 kHz AM on the 4th of November, 2012 from 11:04 p.m. to 11:08 p.m. Central Standard Time. It was a huge surprise to me, because WMIN is quite a rare catch here in Finland.

My receiver was Perseus software defined receiver and I used a long wire antenna of 1100 yards. directed to the Great Lakes/Mid-West US. I picked up your signal in Aihkiniemi, which is situated some 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle. I usually spend one week per year in Lapland “hunting” distant AM signals. To find out more on our DX-cabin, please visit: http://www.dxing.info/dxpeditions/aihkiniemi_dx_cabin_for_rent.dx

Here are some details of the program heard:
11:04     -    “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes” performed by Dean Martin  
11:07     -    The station identification: “…Uptown 1010 WMIN.”   
“They Were Doin’ The Mambo” performed by Vaughn Monroe

At the moment we have sunny weather. The temperature is currently 17 degrees Celsius (62 degrees Fahrenheit).  My very best wishes to you from Vaasa, Finland.  Sincerely, Jari

Hello Mark - and once again warmest of greetings from Finland !  You may recall confirming a couple of my Minnesota stations before - still at this point many thanks!  Here I come again with another one Currently I am again "up here" at my listening post in Northern Finland for 2 weeks and the atmospheric skip has been quite favorable in the direction of your great country.

Yesterday morning, November 4, 2012, at around 8 AM, being midnight November 3-4 your time (Still Central Daylight Savings Time), I was monitoring 1010 AM.  On this frequency a couple of Canadian stations were fading in and out.  However, at 5 AM another signal faded in for a short while.  The CBC station from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, was on top.  When it "held its breath" at the top of the hour, WMIN AM 1010 Sauk Rapids gave its identification.

"10-10 W-M-I-N Sauk Rapids, Minnesota."  After this Fox news, but the signal was mixed with other stations and the interference from nearby European stations quite shortly.

Very best regards
Hannu Niileksela
Helsinki - Finland

E-mail from Norway:   Hi Mark,  I was able to hear a long time wanted one – WMIN 1010 AM on 3 November 2012 @ 11:01 PM your local time..  I know that it has been heard in Finland this winter and have been spending many hours on 1010 so far without luck.  But then last night I heard old style music on the frequency and between two songs I was able to catch a station ID!   After the end of a song  I hear a male voice with “Uptown 1010 - WMIN” before a new song.  

I am using a Perseus SDR receiver (a software defined radio) connected to my PC. See www.microtelecom.it/perseus for more information. With this receiver I can receive up to 1600 kHz bandwidth at the same time and store it to disk. Then I listen through the saved data afterwards. The antenna is new.  It is two 1,000 foot wires in parallel (200 ft. spacing) directed towards western US. This antenna has worked very well for us, giving additional gain as well as directivity.

Best regards,
OJ Sagdahl

Dear all at WMIN!  My name is Jan-Erik Österholm. I am 63 years old and I am an eager radio enthusiast (DX-er) for 50 years now.  I am married to Heidi (59) and together we have two beautiful daughters Anna (31), married to Antti, and Lotta (27).  Anna is presently working at Georgia Tech in Atlanta as a PostDoc Fellow in Chemistry and Materials Science and Lotta is Director of Human Resources for two faculties at Åbo Akademi University here in Finland.  I myself graduated with a Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Missouri in 1982 and my wife got her M.Sc in Materials Science from the same institution.  We have all together stayed almost seven years in the USA (Missouri 1978-1982) and Southern California, Santa Barbara (1990-1993).  We live in Borgå, a city 50 km east of Finland’s capital city Helsinki by the Gulf of Finland.

During a DX-expedition last October in the northern parts of Finland, north of the Arctic Circle, I managed to hear your station WMIN with a "decent" signal on a frequency normally dominated by , e.g. WINS NY and CFRB ON during openings towards the US . We were equipped with 12 directional beverage antennas of 2000-3000 feet each as well as with several receivers. Sitting up here in the dark in Lapland, Finland and the cold listening to radio stations on the other side of the globe is fascinating!

On October 26, 2012 at and around midnight  Central Time there was an extremely good and unusual opening towards the central and southern parts of USA.  This opening must have been very rare.  I could hear your top of the hour ID at 12 PM given by a male announcer and going like "Uptown 10-10."   Included is a photo from my home "radio corner".  Also see:  http://americadx.com

Best regards from Finland
Jan-Erik Österholm
Borgå, Finland


My name is Arnstein Bue, I'm 47 years of age and I work as an Account Manager in a leading IT company in Norway. I’ve been married to Heidi since 1989, and we have two sons (Mikael and Benjamin – 22 and 18 years old). Trondheim is the third biggest city in Norway, has a population of 173,000 and is situated in the middle of the country. Norway has a population of 4.9 million. Trondheim is an old city, celebrating its 1000-year-jubilee in 1997!

We have a big and quite famous cathedral here I town. It’s named Nidarosdomen, and you can find some information at www.nidarosdomen.no.

Since 1978 my favourite hobby has been to listen to remote radio stations on mediumwave and shortwave (DX-ing), a hobby which gives me a lot because I learn about other people and other countries. I collect the verification letters, cards or emails I receive from radio stations.

Every year since 1997 in October I have visited a small place named Kongsfjord (“Kings Bay”) in Arctic Norway. Kongsfjord is actually at a latitude just south of Barrow, Alaska, and it’s east of Istanbul, Turkey. I use to be there with three friends of mine, mainly to listen to AM radio stations from North America and the Pacific. More information can be found at our home page www.kongsfjord.no 

I succeeded to hear WBHR 660 AM on November 2, 2010I heard a male announcer: “From … Minnesota’s Sport Station – WBHR Sauk Rapids-Saint Cloud.  The Bear”. 

Minnesota is one of my favourite states! That’s also because Minnesota is one of the most “Norwegian” states.  Receiving a confirmation of my reception really would make my day!

Sincerely, Arnstein Bue, Trondheim, NORWAY

Hello!  I am writing to you because I have picked up your stations WBHR and WMIN all the way here in Finland. Surprised?  I sure was!  I was lucky to hear your stations already in 2010 and 2011, and I would highly appreciate receiving your confirmation of my reception.

First something about myself - I'm 46 years old, married and I have two sons, aged 17 and 15 years. Enclosed you can see a picture of us, taken a few years ago. I work as foreign news reporter for the Finnish TV.  Previously I have also reported for the CNN, and done a lot of radio as well.

You may wonder, how on earth I could hear your stations this far. Well, it really wasn't an everyday event, but rather a combination of luck, experience and effort. For the past 30 years DXing, trying to catch far-away radio stations, has been my number one hobby. I have heard and received confirmations of reception from stations in over 200 countries and territories all over the world. My equipment consists of a "Perseus" type communications receiver and an array of 3000 ft. long wire antennas, one of which is pointing at your direction.  Most of all I enjoy trying to catch American stations. Circumstances are ideal up in Finland's northern region Lapland, far above the Arctic Circle, because there is ample space for long antennas, and hardly any man-made electrical noise or interference. The weather outside can be as fierce as in Alaska, but I was happy to stay inside a tiny cabin, listening to AM radio signals from around the world.

First I heard WBHR on November 2, 2010, at 3:00 a.m. Central daylight savings time on the frequency of 660 kHz AM. The reception quality was not good at all, as I have a local station on 657 AM causing severe interference. Only when they kept quiet for a few seconds at the top of the hour, I was able to catch the end of your local station ID by a male voice: "... Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud - The Bear!", after which ESPN Radio Sports Center resumed.  Then I heard WMIN about a year later, on October 31, 2011, at 5:56 p.m. Central daylight savings time on the frequency of 1010 kHz AM. I was able to catch your station identification by a male voice: "... Uptown ... station, Ring-A-Ding Radio, Uptown 1010", followed by more music.  A bit later at 6:01 p.m. I got a second station ID: "1010 WMIN, Sauk Rapids, St Cloud."  Hearing your stations was such an astonishing experience for me.  More information at: http://www.dxing.info and http://www.dxing.info/dxpeditions/aihkiniemi_dx_cabin_for_rent.dx

Mika Makelainen, Finland

Greetings from Finland!  My name is Tuomo Ahonen, I am 52 and living in the North of Finland in a city of Oulu.  I am very pleased to report reception of WBHR on 660 KHz all the way here in Finland.  It is truly amazing how far your AM signal carried during these very good atmospheric conditions.

This happened November 2, 2010 between 2:59 a.m. and 3:01 a.m. Central Time (being 11:00 a.m. here in Finland). Although I have succeeded in hearing many others US and Canadian stations on AM dial here in Finland during the last 34 years this was the first time that I was able to pick up Your signal. This was really fascinating!

What I heard from WBHR was ESPN programming in progress at 2:59 a.m. At 3:00 a.m. a male announcer announced: “For… AM 6.60 WBHR Sauk Rapids-St. Cloud - The Bear.” This was followed by an ESPN programming “ESPN Radio Sports Center”. I could follow the ESPN programming for a few moments more but after a while the signal faded out.

I use a U.S. made SDR communications receiver, RF Space SDR. My antennas are the special beverage antennas. They are up to 3300 feet long pointed at the different parts of North America. My listening post is located far away in the Finnish Lapland above the Arctic Circle. This quiet base in the wilderness is an ideal location for chasing long distant AM radio stations.

As for the weather we have lot of snow this winter. Average we have about 20 inches (50 cms) snow everywhere. The temperature today is – 20degrees Celsius that is about -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thank You for your programming and thank You in advance for your consideration in answering me and helping me with my hobby.  In the meanwhile I wish to extend to you and all the staff at WBHR my very best regards.  It was a great pleasure to pick up your station.

Tuomo Ahonen

Dear Mark, I wrote you regarding my KKIN reception on an DX expedition in Swedish Lapland and had a real nice confirmation of that reception from you plus an article on your DX-reports page!  From the same date as KKIN was heard, I heard even rarer WVAL AM 800! Quite a nice skip made by WVAL! 

RADIO STATION:            WVAL Sauk Rapids MN
FREQUENCY:                  800 kHz
RECEPTION DATE:         October 31, 2010
RECEPTION TIME:          4.40 - 4.42  AM Central Daylight Saving
RECEPTION QUALITY:   Fair to good.
ANTENNA:                       3,000 foot wire pointing to the northwest in Parkalompolo, Sweden.
PROGRAM DETAILS: 4.40   Country classic: "Howlin' at the Moon"  (Hank Williams)  4.41   Station ID:   "All the best songs about ...., drinking and .......trains. Original Country Radio WVAL." Country music:     "Here's Some Love"  (Tanya Tucker) fade out.   

Bo Olofsson
Byske Sweden

I had the real pleasure of catching your radio station WBHR on 660 AM when listening to radio stations in the Finnish Lapland.  My receiver was a software defined communications receiver Perseus and as an antenna I used a 3000 ft. beverage (longwire) to west. To inform you of the reception quality, please listen to the attached mp3 recording.  Listening information:  31 October, 2010, 0100 AM local time.

I am 45 years old and married with Kristiina.  I work as Professor of English at the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu where I teach English and Cultural Studies.  My main field of research is American and British literature, and I have published a number of books in this area.

Joensuu is a lively town in eastern Finland quite close to the common border with the former Soviet Union  it is only 60 kilometers to the border line from my hometown.  There live about 59,000 people here, and the most important trades are commerce and services. Besides the University, founded in the late 1960s to provide experts for the needs of eastern Finland, many other schools are located here, too.  Joensuu is best known for its annual Llosaarirock Festival with 35 000 participants is going strong and attracts lots of young people to the town every July for rock music.

With best wishes, looking forward to hearing from you,
Dr. Jopi Nyman

Greetings from Norway.  I heard on 660 kHz AM on 2 November 2010 @ 1:00 am CST. I hear a male voice with "… from the … Minnesota’s Sports Station – WBHR, Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud - The Beeaaar!” followed by an ESPN announcement.

I was using an Perseus SDR receiver (a software defined radio) connected to my PC. See www.microtelecom.it/perseus for more information. With this receiver I can receive up to 1600 kHz bandwidth at the same time and store it to disk. Then I listen through the saved data afterwards. The antenna used up north is a 350 meters long (about 1000 feet) wire directed to the US mid-west from here.

OJ Sagdahl

I had the pleasure of shortly capturing the signals of WBHR AM 660 here in Finland on the 31st of October 2010 with my Perseus software receiver and about a 1000-yard-long antenna wire pointing towards central North America. I don't have such a monster antenna at home, but I was on a radio excursion in northern Finland, in a place where we had enough space for such an antenna, and not much man-made noise around (some 45 miles from where Tuomo was at the same time.) At 00.59 a.m. a sports talk program ended and then just before 1:00 a.m. there was the legal identification "log on to ..(flexible?)..AM 660 The Bear (in) Sauk Rapids - St. Cloud" followed by the ESPN Sports Center.

I am a 55-year-old teacher of English and Spanish in Joensuu, Finland. My wife Riitta is a teacher of German, and we have a 21-year-old son called Matti who studies information technology and a cat called Viiru (Stripes).  My hobbies include painting, playing tennis and this radio hobby of trying to catch distant radio signals.  My home town Joensuu with its 72,000 inhabitants was founded in 1848 at the beautiful mouth of the river Pielisjoki (Joensuu means "mouth of a river").  The whole region is dotted with hundreds and hundreds of lakes.  Weather wise we have had a very strange year. Last winter was very cold, 90 consecutive days below the freezing point, and then in July and early August we lived like in the tropics. But now this winter we have been back under a cold spell again, with lots and lots of snow.

I wish you all the best in all of your daily activities. I would really appreciate receiving your short reception acknowledgement as a tangible memento of  these pleasant contacts via the airwaves.

Jussi Suokas

The telephone number for WVAL/WHMH/WBHR Radio is 320-252-6200.

     Questions?  Email Mark Persons:  teki@mwpersons.com    

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