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Friend of M. W. Persons and Associates

Marv Olson
Broadcast Technical Solutions
Austin, MN

Marv Olson at KEEZ Transmitter Marv Olson is a Radio Broadcast Engineer in Austin, MN.  Here, he is inspecting the high voltage power supply on a Continental Electronics 816R-2  25KW FM Transmitter. 

Project with Marv Olson in Mankato, MN.

Since the above photo was taken, Marv has moved the filament adjust control, from the interior of the transmitter, to the front of the transmitter.  You can see it just below the logic panel in the center bay of the transmitter in the photo to the left.  It is surrounded by four brass acorn nuts.  Those nuts secure the mounting bolts to the front panel.  This control had originally been operated by a motor drive, but the drive mechanism failed and could not be repaired.  This modification is an excellent one that could and should be applied to the Collins/Continental 20-27.5 KW FM Transmitter series.  The transmitter is normally delivered with the exciter in this space, but most station engineers elect to remove the exciter and put it in an equipment rack nearby.  This allows easy access to the exciter and it's controls without danger of coming in contact with high voltage.  

Marv Olson has over 25 years of radio broadcast engineering experience.  He is doing contract engineering for radio stations in the southern Minnesota and the surrounding area. 
His company is Broadcast Technical Solutions and the website is:
You can reach Marv Olson at
507-438-6510 or e-mail him marv at broadcastknowhow.com


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