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KQWB West Fargo, ND
10 KW Day, 1 KW Night, 1660 KHz
 Telephone number for KQWB is 701-237-4500

August, 2000 Here is Mark Borchert, Chief Engineer of The Triad Broadcasting Group in Fargo, North Dakota.  He hired us to help make the conversion of KQWB-AM from 1550 KHz to 1660 KHz.  The old 1550 was a 10 KW day non-directional station with a very tight and difficult to maintain 5 KW 5 tower night pattern pointing west.  

The new 1660 KHz frequency is 10 KW non-directional day and 1 KW non-directional night.  They increased listener potential to the south, east, and north at night without noticeable loss in their prime market area at night. 

Mark is standing in front of the new Harris DX-10 transmitter which replaced two Harris MW-5 Transmitters.  The transmitter site is in Minnesota, but the city of license is in North Dakota.  

Here is Mark Persons at the antenna coupling network building at the base of the tower.  It was the center tower of the previous five tower array.  There were plenty of parts left over to make a broadband antenna coupling network for 1660 KHz.  The three coils and capacitors on the left are the reconfigured network.  The parts behind Mark on the right are components left over from the original antenna system.

The station is now operating in AM stereo with excellent separation, frequency response, and low audio distortion.  KQWB may be the first AM station to completely abandon the original frequency in favor of a new expanded band frequency assignment.

Triad Broadcasting also has KBMW 1450 AM Radio in Wahpeton ND/Breckenridge/MN.  Yes, the station is dual-licensed for the two towns, which are across the river from each other. 

Mark is shown here with Josh Jones (on the right) at the KBMW transmitter site.  Josh has since moved on to another job and we wish him well.  The two installed a new Harris DAX-1R 1000 watt AM Transmitter, replacing the 30-year old Harris MW-1A Transmitter in January 2005.  The new transmitter runs great.  The MW-1A is the backup, connected via a 4-port antenna switch built by M. W. Persons. 

During the middle of the winter in 2010, the KQWB towers could be seen across the snow of western Minnesota.  Actually, only the center tower is used as the other four inline towers are floating.  The transmitter building is toward the right with an 8-foot STL dish focused at the studio in Fargo, ND.  This has been a fairly trouble-free installation.

A blazing sun lights the frozen tundra around the KQWB-AM transmitter site. 

The signal keeps people informed and entertained while they are staying warm at home. 

A cozy feeling on a cold winter's day.

The telephone number for KQWB is 701-237-4500 

 Questions?  Email Mark Persons:  teki@mwpersons.com        

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