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  Nott Ltd.

Unipoles to Detune Structures

If you ever encounter a situation like this, then you have a problem.  The wind tower was built about 1200 feet from the KLOH AM Radio two-tower directional antenna at Pipestone, MN in October 2003.

Click here for a better view of the image.

Here is a closer view of the wind generator tower.  The blade hub is 150 feet off the ground and the blades are 52 feet each for a blade diameter of 104 feet.  This unit will generate 700,000 watts of electricity in the right wind conditions.  

The steel tube tower is 10 feet in diameter at the base and 6 feet in diameter at the hub.  The tube thickness is one inch.  

Click here for a better view of the image.

A Nott Ltd. unipole 3-wire detuning system was added to the water tower.  Two of the three wires can be seen in this photo.  The blade tips have automatically adjusted tips to control their speed in the wind.

Click here for a better view of the image

The bottom of the unipole wires is terminated with a with knee brace bracket, turnbuckle, spring, fiberglass insulator.  All of the hardware is either aluminum or galvanized steel to eliminate rusting problems.  

The down-lead wires are steel with a copper clad.  The steel give strength and the copper is an excellent electrical conductor     

Click here for a better view of the image.

There are three tuning boxes inside the tower.  Each one tunes one wire.   A ladder takes the engineer up the tuning boxes at about 10 feet off the floor.  

This is just another example of M. W. Persons and Associates doing problem solving in the radio broadcast field.   

Click here for a better view of the image.

Questions?  Email Mark Persons:  teki@mwpersons.com    

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