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Radio Broadcast Technical Consulting and Sales
10032 Island Drive, Brainerd, MN  56401


KIKV Radio 100.7 MHz / 100 KW / 800 Feet
KULO Radio 94.3 MHz / 12 KW / 466 Feet

Alexandria, Minnesota
Phone KIKV and KULO Radio at 320-762-2154

There's the sign post up ahead...you are entering the Radio Zone in Alexandria, MN.!

The staff from KIKV and KULO along some of the others in the radio group owned by Mary Campbell and Lou Buron.


Here is your intrepid engineer, Mark Persons, at the KIKV transmitter site.  He is adjusting a Collins/Rockwell 831-G2 Transmitter.  It runs 19 Kilowatts to the antenna on a 1000 foot tower.
Paul Sorum is at the controls of the Radio Systems RS-12A mixing console in the KIKV Studio.  He is a smiling guy because the radio facility is a pleasure to work in.

The telephone number for KIKV Radio is 320-762-2154.

The website is http://www.kikvradio.com

Johnny Rocket uses a Radio Systems RS-12A mixing console too in the KULO Studio. 

The telephone number for KULO Radio is 320-762-2154.

The website is http://cool943.com

On the left is the famous Viking statue near downtown Alexandria, MN.  (click for a larger image)  Also see:  http://www.runestonemuseum.org

In the center is the "Rohn Box," named after Jim Rohn in the right photo.  Jim was the weather forecaster on KCMT/KNMT TV for many years.  He served in the US military in WWII and has not retired yet.  The box has a light to tell Jim when he is on the air and a cough button so he can clear his throat during broadcasts.  Jim retired on December 30, 2013, after 67 years on the job.


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