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Radio Broadcast Technical Consulting and Sales

Customer of M. W. Persons

KFAI Radio 90.3 MHz 900 Watts
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The KFAI number is 612-341-3144

Driving to downtown Minneapolis on I-35 on December 19, 2008.  There is the IDS Center, the tall blue building with black accent-band at the top.  Many antennas for radio broadcast stations are up there.  Note the Foshay Tower just to the right of the IDS.  With its pyramid-shaped top and antenna tower, it was the tallest building in Minneapolis for many years.  Now it is just small in comparison.
Inside the IDS Center is the Crystal Court where an American Flag proudly hangs for everyone to see.
Here is your intrepid radio broadcast engineer, Mark Persons, using his new Agilent N9340B Spectrum Analyzer to measure the KFAI signal.

KFAI is now running in IBOC (In-Band On-Channel) mode where digital modulation added to the existing analog modulation of the station.

After the measurement work, Mark stepped out on the roof of this 53-story building to see what the weather was.
A look over the edge of the IDS roof down to the tops of other buildings in downtown Minneapolis. 
Dan Zimmermann, Chief Engineer of KFAI Radio, is seen standing next to the mast and transmit antenna for the station.

Another peek at the buildings below. 

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