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REAS-2 EAS Interface Relay Panel
Use with almost any Emergency Alert System unit

Built by M. W. Persons and Associates, Inc.
Made in Minnesota

This is a rack mounted relay panel that enables one Emergency Alert System encoder/decoder to handle more than one radio station.  The photo shows a 3 1/2" high by 19" wide rack mounted panel setup for two radio stations.  For weekly EAS tests, there is a switch associated with each interface relay that allows the operator to select the station that will be interrupted by EAS for the test.  They do this by turning down switches for the stations that will not get the EAS warning at that moment.  The switches are then all turned up so that an emergency EAS message will be broadcast on all of the stations involved.  

There is a light associated with each switch that is green when the relay is enabled and can interrupt a station.  That light is red when the relay is not allowed to interrupt a station with EAS audio.  This is convenient for testing and learning the EAS generator without putting it on the air.


A back view shows a two-station panel.  All relays are stereo unless otherwise specified.  A 24 volt DC power supply is shown in the foreground.

Model Number

Stations Handled


REAS-2-1 1 monaural or 1 stereo $280.00
REAS-2-2 2 monaural or 2 stereo $360.00
REAS-2-3 3 monaural or 3 stereo $420.00
REAS-2-4 4 monaural or 4 stereo $520.00

For additional stations, add $85.00 per station.  

Panels can be upgraded when the need arises.  One to four station panels are 3 1/2" high and 19" wide.  Five to eight station panels are 7" high and 19" wide.  Nine to twelve station panels are 10 1/2" high and 19" wide.    

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